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Reiki Training & Attunements (Facilitated by Doreen)

Usui Reiki First Degree

Reiki 1 is approximately 4 hours and consists of a prerequisite Statement of Purpose for learning Reiki. The origins of Reiki are taught and  4 attunements* are administered. Students are given the first symbol of Reiki and the taught basic hand positions for self-treatment.  There is a suggested reading list and required independent research.

 Price: $150 - Includes Textbook



Usui Reiki Second Degree

Reiki 2 is approximately 4 hours and consists of 2 attunements.  At this time students receive the 2nd &3rd Reiki symbols for emotional & long distance healing & will learn practical hands-on techniques for treating  family, animals & plants.

Usui Reiki Third Degree/Mastership

In Reiki 3 students are taught the Mastership symbols and how to pass the attunements on to others.  Students will be required to develop a basic outline of a Reiki class.  This class may run as long as 4 hours.
A Reiki attunement is the process of passing the energy of the Reiki symbols from one individual to another.  Each Reiki symbol has a unique energetic signature and although we can find illustrations of these symbols easily, the energy is passed physically.