Healing Stones

Available Services

Tuning Fork Therapy/

Vibrational Sound Healing

Sound Energy therapy has the ability serve you up such deep relaxation in just minutes, which could take the novice 45 minutes to reach in meditation - quieting and stilling the mind. Within this place of deep relaxation and stillness, tension stress and pain can be relieved or reduced - and in turn, promote a favorable environment for spiritual, mental, emotional and physical balance and harmony.


Reiki Classes by Doreen

Various Spiritual Development classes to-be-announced. 


Reiki sessions promote well-being on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Facilitated by

Michele or Doreen.

Tarot Readings

“Divination offers guidance, it cannot tell you what to do.  Insight and intuition are the tools utilized in reading the stars, signs, and dreams.  Tarot offers guidance in images of archetypes depicted in a deck of 78 cards.  Tarot Reading allows us to navigate our choices and assess our current situation.” – Doreen Lavista, RM, Empathic Consultant