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The Facilitators of
Wholistic Mystics

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Michele Haszard
Metaphysical Practitioner and Owner

A natural-born soul seer, gnosis pioneer and claircognizant-empath. Michele unconsciously hid these aspects while spending 22+ years raised and baptized in a strict religious organization. Her vast exiting-trek became a template of transformation, creating a gateway and foundation by which all conscious shifts in her life could then follow. Michele has acquired over 5 years of direct training and invaluable experience with her late-dad who was a 15 year LMT and Shaman. She was instrumental in facilitating his extended transition in 2009, which self-initiated her as a transitions/crossroads-guide; a.k.a. Psychopomp. In March of this year (2021), she resigned from her 4th year as a part-time, Funeral Services/Staff Assistant.

Michele is a Certified Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioner, Certified Level II Reiki Practitioner, an ordained Interspiritual Minister and received a Ministerial-Masters in Metaphysics.  

She was seamlessly drawn to the healing art and way of life of Reiki, followed by Tuning Forks Therapy; shortly after she began volunteering with Hospice. Working with the 'Spirit and Physics of Sound' as an alignment gateway for wholistic health comes natural to her, as she is continuously integrating her innate awareness and skill-base. Michele is appreciative for these and other tools in her own life - extending her experience, services and more to those called to them.

In addition, she is also a self-published Author, Jewelry-artist, Vocalist/Songwriter; and has spent the last 11 years raising and releasing butterflies.

Additional background:

Accredited Certificate in Music Therapy and Sound Healing

Accredited Certificate in Energy Medicine

Accredited Certificate in Meditation

Accredited Certificate in Spirituality, Health and Healing

Accredited Certificate in End of Life Care

Accredited Certificate in Aromatherapy in Palliative Care

Trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Human Anatomy and Physiology

*Metaphysics is the study of basic principles underlying, indwelling and overlaying the unified and connecting dynamics of physical life-realities. Metaphysical guidance is based on energetic, cosmic, universal and/or spiritual influences and principles. Integrative or Applied Metaphysics is the practical application of metaphysical awareness, to life. 


Denise Flanagan is a seeker of truth and healing for herself… mind, body and spirit first. This journey has taken many twists and turns. Some less traditional and some more traditional, but all for her greater good of self discovery.

This latest adventure of self discovery has lead her to the gift of giving and receiving reiki, while also incorporating her skills as a Unity Prayer Chaplain (Lecanto, FL), her BA in Psychology and many other classes of self discovery.

All of these adventures have helped to reawaken and enrich her connection to herself and her divine guidance and in return also allow her to connect to others and their perfect divine guidance. 

Her main focus for healing herself and aiding others is guidance on how to reconnect with their divine truth to really hear and understand the soul and its guidance. There is no greater gift to her then ones ability to tap into their own source and trust its truth.

Denise is looking forward to her new adventures  on this path and all the interesting people, places and things for new discoveries within herself as well as within others. 

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