The Facilitators of
Wholistic Mystics

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Michele Haszard
Metaphysical Practitioner and Owner


A natural-born soul seer, gnosis pioneer and claircognizant-empath. Michele unconsciously hid these aspects while spending 22+ years raised and baptized in a strict religious organization. Her vast exiting-trek became a template of transformation, creating a gateway and foundation by which all conscious shifts in her life could then follow. Michele has acquired over 5 years of direct training and invaluable experience with her late-dad who was a 15 year LMT and Shaman. She was instrumental in facilitating his extended transition in 2009, which self-initiated her as a transitions/crossroads-guide; a.k.a. Psychopomp. In March of this year (2021), she resigned from her 4th year as a part-time, Funeral Services/Staff Assistant.

Michele is a Certified Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioner, Certified Level II Reiki Practitioner, an ordained Interspiritual Minister and received a Ministerial-Masters in Metaphysics.  

She was seamlessly drawn to the healing art and way of life of Reiki, followed by Tuning Forks Therapy; shortly after she began volunteering with Hospice. Working with the 'Spirit and Physics of Sound' as an alignment gateway for wholistic health comes natural to her, as she is continuously integrating her innate awareness and skill-base. Michele is appreciative for these and other tools in her own life - extending her experience, services and more to those called to them.

In addition, she is also a self-published Author, Jewelry-artist, Vocalist/Songwriter; and has spent the last 11 years raising and releasing butterflies.

Additional background:

Accredited Certificate in Music Therapy and Sound Healing

Accredited Certificate in Energy Medicine

Accredited Certificate in Meditation

Accredited Certificate in Spirituality, Health and Healing

Accredited Certificate in End of Life Care

Accredited Certificate in Aromatherapy in Palliative Care

Trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Human Anatomy and Physiology

*Metaphysics is the study of basic principles underlying, indwelling and overlaying the unified and connecting dynamics of physical life-realities. Metaphysical guidance is based on energetic, cosmic, universal and/or spiritual influences and principles. Integrative or Applied Metaphysics is the practical application of metaphysical awareness, to life. 


Rev. Doreen Lavista
The Goddess Connectionin collaboration with Wholistic Mystics

Your Guide, Doreen Lavista is blessed with the gifts of clairaudience, clairsentience and has been reading Tarot since 1973.  She is an Ordained Minister in the Universal Life Church, and Church of Spiritual Humanism, Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Counselor, Psychology Major & lifetime student of Metaphysics with over 30 years experience working in the esoteric arts.

Doreen has many types of training, schooling, and public administrative experience which give her a unique perspective on people, body language, spirituality.


Affiliate Member of the International Center for Reiki Training

Professional Member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals

Ordained Minister - Universal Life Church & Church of Spiritual Humanism

Member - Citrus County Chamber of Commerce

Board Member - Friends of the Coastal Region Library


She offers a common-sense approach to spiritual well-being.


Doreen creates & hosts seasonal events such as Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltaine & Litha in eclectic Wiccan Tradition.


She also creates Celebrations of Womanhood (Maiden, Mother, Crone Aspects) & offers E.F.T. fundamentals. (Emotional Freedom Technique) and facilitates Immersive Meditations


Doreen teaches Empowerment Through Goddess Traditions & Reiki on an individual basis and has a private practice in Crystal River.


Taylor Harvey
Psychic Tarot 

As well as the creator of Neoma’s Intuition; from a young age she knew she was very in tune with those around her. Taylor's experiences have helped her to not only strengthen these empathic abilities, they have also taught her to be the loving reader she is today. With her gift of intuitive guidance, she intends to bring clarity, healing, and support to all.


Taylor is in the shop  Tuesday's (12-4pm), but can be scheduled for readings on other days as well. She offers 30 and 60 minute sessions. Her readings are also available via Skype, Facebook video chat, Instagram video chat, and FaceTime. 

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Judy Lacroix Transformational Mentor - Way Shower- Empath  Frequency Holder

My journey working work with energy began in 1982.  As I continued my energy healing studies and personal clearing practice, I reached a deeper understanding of how to intentionally work with energy on all levels of my being. (physically, mentally,
emotionally, and spiritually) 

This is when I learned to transmute energy I had stored from past emotional wounds,  traumatic experiences, and other people’s energy my empathic nature had taken on!   As I cleared these stored energies,  I invited Divine Love to fill the space created.  This naturally raised my heart’s vibrational resonance and deepened my connection to the Divine in me.

Over the past 30+ years, I have studied and incorporated into my practice many amazing energy healing modalities and methods, now   included in my “energy clearing toolbox”.

I remain grateful for the Divine Knowledge and Truth received through research, Self-discovery, and practical application for all the energetic resources I access during any client sessions.

Holistic Training and Certifications:

  • Court of Atonement - June 2017

  • Reiki Level 1 – 2015

  • Awakening the Illuminated Heart - October 2012

  • Breaking the Habits of Being Yourself - July 2012

  • Bio Mat Therapist - May 2012

  • Certified Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor - March 2012

  • Universal Life Church Minister – March 2012

  • Certified One Command Practitioner - January 2012

  • Seven Path Self Hypnosis - December 2011

  • Healing from the Body Level Up - Level I - April 2010

  • JustLove and Just Communication- May 2004

  • The Work - May 2003

  • Health Minister - Healthways, LLC - April 2002

  • Science of Mind Practitioner - Level I and II - June 1994

Touch for Health - Level I – 1982