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"Wholistic Mystics, it's a Whole Vibe."

The key themes of Wholistic Mystics.

Wholistic: centered and considers the totality of a person as a whole and whole - mind, body, spirit and soul."

Integrative: serving or favoring integration : directed toward integration. bringing together and uniting. Our focus - is this begins with Self, first and foremost.


Wholistic Mystics supports whole-living. What that looks and feels like can differ from one person to the next. We focus on this space being a place to explore, integrate and expand upon what that uniquely means to each personally. 

Goods: Crystals, stones, jewelry, incense, candles, herbs, tarot and oracle cards, books and much more.

Services: Reikituning fork/vibrational sound healingreadings, various spiritual exploration and spiritual development classes and more.

Ambiance: Come see for yourself!