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Personalized Crystal Grids

A crystal grid is used to help manifest a particular goal or desired intention. It's composed of an arrangement of crystals over a sacred geometry pattern - each component is chosen to complement each other for the intended purpose of the grid. Crystal and stone grids date back hundreds of years. Think of geometric designs from sites such as Stonehenge to Native American medicine circles. Essentially a grid becomes a physical manifestation of your intention, offering assistance with tapping into Universal Energy. The geometric and energetic patterns created with the placement of the crystals draws more Universal Energy and frequencies in concentrated form. The energy of the crystals is focused, directed and amplified when used within a crystal grid.

This service is to create a personalized crystal grid for the client, according to their needs. I can create a crystal grid for distance work and intention-setting, including protection, love, healing or abundance or any other intention you choose. Your name will be folded up and placed under the center crystal.

You'll receive a photo of your grid after it's set up, which is typically within 3-4 days of receiving the necessary information. An appropriate layout and crystals will be chosen, set up, and activated for the recipient, infused with Reiki energy and further amplified with my quartz sound pyramid. The grid will typically remain in form for two-three weeks. You'll receive an email notification of when your grid is periodically infused and amplified, and then when it's clear that the grid's energy cycle is completeIf you choose, you will be sent a stone from your grid to continue to work with your grid energy. 


Request your Personalized Crystal Grid. You can specify your intentions for your grid, along with any other necessary information. Your information is completely confidential.

Wholeness Be,


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