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The Altar

An Altar is a Mediator and bridge between the spirit realm and physical realms. It serves as a representative platform for the judicial laws of spiritual principles, and stands as a point of contact on earth. Altars can help to anchor your focus on Spirit, love, health and healing, unity, elevated perspectives and harmonious outcomes. They are portals that allow us access to the otherworldly - a connection between Earth and the cosmos where you can reflect, meditate, pray, commune and petition with supportive energy/medicine within and around you.

Lighted candles can be reflections of our emotional self and help to illuminate our hearts when we feel burdened. You can choose to light candles for: affirmations, prayer/petition, mediation, intention, blessing, gratitude and meditation. 


You can come in and light a candle on the altar for yourself, another person, or for a situation. The altar stands in The Living Room of the center.

Alternatively, we can light a candle per your request. We can also cleanse, bless and oil-anoint your candle(s) prior to placing them on the altar. Your candle will be tagged, with initials only, along with your brief request or message. Tag will be placed on the glass holder facing upward to the candle. Message will not be visible to others. We choose to refrain from lighting candles that make requests that intrudes on another's free will. Therefore we do not take request or light candles for any spellworkings. We will never sell or share any personal information. 


Tea light requests are $3 

Votive requests are $5

Glass pillar requests (lit daily until burn is complete - burn time is about 50 hours.) $8   

Additional cleanse, bless and oil anointing. Tea Light $5,

Votive $5, Glass Pillar $8


Complete the Light-A-Candle form below to send us your request. You can specify how many candles you would like lit, and provide names in the Message/Notes section. We will then send you an invoice to submit your payment. You may also choose to call the shop to process your request.


Please note that a $2.75 fee applies to requests paid with a credit card.

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Light-A-Candle Request

Select your candle:

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Your request has been received.

We'll be in touch shortly!

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