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Candy Cotton

Learn To Channel


Have you ever wondered if you are an intuitive or a channel?


The truth is, we all are. The Universe is speaking to each of us all of the time - and just like any good conversation, it's up to us to learn to listen! It's up to each of us to receive these messages and implement these higher frequency teachings in our own lives.


As we enter 2024, there has never been a more important time to know how to receive your own internal guidance. This is why my friend Allison Holley has developed a course called Learn To Channel!


The Learn To Channel course is a self-paced online course built to help you learn everything you need to know about hearing the Universe speak to you and being a channel of these truths.


You will learn powerful techniques and tools to awaken your intuition, connect with your higher self, and verbally channel, including: 

  • Foundational Practices for Channeling

  • Opening your ultra-sensory abilities

  • Being empathic, boundaries, and self-trust

  • Becoming a verbal channel

  • Channeling for others

What kind of channel are you? Take the quiz!

Learn To Channel Course


What you get:

  • INSTANT ACCESS to the full Learn to Channel video course: 35+ videos, meditations, and workbooks

  • BONUS: 1 year membership in the True Creator Community


About Allison:
Allison Holley is an Andromedan starseed, channel, and author of the books The Era of the True Creator (2018) and Ecstatic Playground (2023). After experiencing a profound awakening in 2012, Allison began spontaneously channeling and receiving visions of the world to come. She left her former life to integrate these higher frequency downloads, and eventually began teaching and channeling for others. Allison now offers channeled transmissions, activations, and guidance worldwide, to assist in our current global awakening.

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