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Smudging/Space clearing/Blessings is a simple way to shift and transform the energy in your life to one of empowerment, freedom and inner peace. This raises our awareness and connection to the spiritual elements inherent of our existence - uniting and balancing this with our physical world. Ultimately, the intention is to bring harmony to our life, where our internal and external world match and complement each other in unity. Cleansing a space or our bodies with techniques such as smudging clears away the emotional and psychic 'energy debris' that tends to collect or hang onto us. This may give a person a sense of feeling “out of balance”.  The effects of smudging can be surprisingly swift and dramatic. It can help you banish stress, attract love, soothe you, or give you energy. They can bring your family closer together and let you adjust to the healing seasonal rhythms of the year. It is like a  spiritual spring cleaning. Whether it be your home, office or you, yourself. Above all, ‘Space Blessings’ can turn any space, however humble, into a soothing sanctuary - a place of renewal.









Smoke from herbs like sage have the potential of seizing the positive ion in the air molecule and extracting it. The smoke from the sage meets the positive ions, clings to them and neutralizes them out of our aura, or from the room or house where you live or work. On the other hand, negative ions are beneficial to your health. Ionizers remove the positive ions from the air. It is suggested that heavy, dense energies are carried by these positive ions, so removing those breaks down those energies.

A few reasons you may want to consider Smudging...
•If you have been feeling stuck or unhappy in any aspect of your life. Things do not seem to be moving forward.
•Transitioning in or out of a marriage, relationship, or releasing any disharmonious relationship or connection - be this partner, family member, friend, job or situation.                                                                                                         

•Sudden change in behavior of someone living in the home
•Loss of a loved one (including family pets), and ready to move out of the grief stage. Emotions carry an energy imprint as well, and can cling to you even after you feel you’ve ‘let go’ already.                                                                   •Welcoming a new baby and/or introducing child a new into the home, whether biological or otherwise (like adoption or Fostering).                                                                                         

•Empty nest                                                                                                                                                                                           •Animals avoiding certain areas or rooms in the home                                                                                                                 •Your occupation deals with volumes of people, exposure to those with high emotional, mental or physical depletion and imbalance.
•There has been serious illness with you or someone else in your home or workplace.
•Before and after a medical procedure.
•You have been experiencing a long period of stress or anxiety that doesn’t seem to let up.
•You seek a fresh and revitalized energy in your life.
•There’s been any major event or change in your life.                                                                                                                 •New home*                                                                                                                                                                  

•Buying a foreclosed home or property*.                


*Realtors and/or By Owner homes may also benefit from a house blessing to help release any personal attachments of the present and/or prior owners or renters. This can also include smudging the external property, as well.



Home or Business:

Up to 1800 sq. ft. $200

1800-2500 sq ft.  $275-$300

2500-3000 sq. ft.  $325 and up.

(An initial consultation is required before a service is scheduled. This service will consist of at least two Wholistic Mystics Practitioners).

Note: In addition to herbs, we may also use sprays, crystals, candles and/or sound tools when space clearing. If you are opposed to any of these, let us know.

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